About Hi-Tech Strategy Consulting

Hi-Tech Strategy Consulting, based in the heart of the Silicon Valley, was founded in 2008 by Jan T. Johansen, following a successful 16 year career helping high-tech companies and start-ups grow revenue, expand their sales channels, and develop their sales and marketing strategies.

Jan is bringing to his customers a  proven track record of:

  • Creating rapid sales growth (+350%)
  • Defining and executing go to market strategies (from laggard to market leader)
  • Strategic Selling (closed client’s largest direct customer)
  • Building strong sales teams (built US and EMEA and sales organizations)
  • Creating sales channels (set up US and EMEA VAR and VAD channels)
  • Securing OEM sales revenue ( 15% of company revenue, new markets)
  • Initiating and developing strategic alliances (IBM, HP, Novell)
  • Successful Acquisitions (created product leadership)


Here are what some of the people who have worked with Jan have to say:

“Jan is very detailed person with a strong commitment to get the job done. He manages the business in a professional manner with executive skills. He is a pleasure to work with.” – David Asay, Senior Location Executive, IBM

“I have enjoyed working with Jan over a number of years. He thinks strategically, has a deep technical insight, and a strong drive to find win-win solutions. I highly recommend Jan.” – Nico Popp, VP, GM Authentication Services, VeriSign
“Jan has been able to provide strategic thinking combined with business objectives to successfully drive corporate initiatives for an entire market space. He is detail oriented and can be relied upon to get the job done.” Pete Fehl, Sr. Marketing Manager, Honeywell Security

“I had the pleasure of working with Jan over several years, representing one side of a strategic business relationship. Jan has always been very helpful resolving day to day business hurdles, has great insight into customer needs and has excellent business acumen.” Baber Amin, Senior Product Manager, Novell Inc

“I worked closely with Jan Johansen on a Strategic product development initiative for several months. Jan is an extremely intelligent individual who not only gets things done; he also is a pleasure to work with on a personal level as well.” Chris Bilello, Director of Business Development, Konica Minolta Business Solutions

“Entrust and ActivIdentity established a partnership for Entrust to integrate and resell several of their token products in to our authentication platform. Jan and I were tasked with making the relationship work at the strategic and ‘nuts and bolts’ levels. I found Jan to be a consummate professional, responsive and very knowledgeable. I believe Jan was one of the key reasons that our partnership has so far exceeded expectations on both sides.” – Mike Moir, Product Manager, Entrust, Inc.

“Jan is the most talented business person I have ever worked closely with. He combines a quick synthetic mind with a minute attention to important details. With his enthusiasm and drive, he is a pleasure to work with.” – Dominic Fedronic, Chief Technology Officer, ActivIdentity

“Jan is uniquely able to quickly determine the strategic and tactical value in business development, OEM, and marketing relationships that drive the high technology industry. We have worked together consistently as I have moved from Oblix to Oracle to Identity Engines. He has always been able to help move our relationships forward while at the same time effectively managing his internal resources and priorities. I look forward to working with Jan on integrations and business development projects in the future.” Chris Radkowski, Director of Product Management, Identity Engines

“Jan was able to quickly build and manage relationships with Partners and SI’s. He also performed very well when dealing with difficult accounts and was always very professional at managing through these accounts. In addition, Jan proved to be an excellent negotiator and ensured that our gross margins were maximized. I highly recommend Jan and look forward to working with him again.” – Mark Gyorey, Senior Director of Pre-Sales & Professional Services, ActivIdentity

“Jan is a very talented individual with good insight into solutions to complex problems. One of his great attributes is that he is an excellent team member and a plesure to work with. I would be delighted to work with him again and recommend him to any employer that is looking for talent.” – Terrence Gold, Account Executive, ActivIdentity

“Jan has unique ability to build rapport with partners and customers alike. This allows him to create and nurture strategic relationships with his accounts. Jan knows how to identify and satisfy the needs of his customers, and easily earns their trust and respect. I highly recommend Jan and I am looking forward to working with him again in the future.” – Cedric Brehaut, Director of Product Marketing, ActivIdentity

“Jan Johansen is an experienced sales and business development professional and has secured multi-million dollar deals in enterprise, government, healthcare and banking accounts worldwide. Jan ability to develop executive level business relationships has also served him well in building significant revenue generating partnerships with major OEM and Systems Integrator partners. Jan’s naturally positive outlook and energy make him an excellent team player and leader. I recommend Jan highly to any organization seeking to strengthen their sales organization and achieve aggressive sales performance objectives.” – Ed MacBeth, Sr. Vice President Business Development, ActivIdentity, Inc.

“Jan is very professional. It was great working with him as he is a balanced poised business oriented person, very reliable. He is also very objective driven and perserveering making sure he gets the job done.” – Phil Hoyer, Senior Architect – Office of CTO – EMEA CTO representative, ActivIdentity
“Jan is one of most capable persons I know, and he has an outstanding potential. It is always an enriching and positive experience to work or simply discuss with him. Clearly, Jan masters the technology business with the understanding of the technology. With his dedication, credibility and charisma he has matured the ability to rapidly transform challenging opportunities into success. I strongly recommend Jan.” Eric Le Saint, Director of Security, Research, ActivIdentity
“Jan is always pro activ, with a very good team player spirit; a very good manager and always customer oriented” Marc Cossé, WW manufacturing Director, ActivIdentity
“I have had the opportunity to work with Jan on multiple projects and opportunities at ActivIdentity. Jan is a very driven Sales Executive, focused and efficient, and always ready to lead team efforts to close a deal.” Jerome Becquart, Vice President, ActivIdentity

“I worked with Jan while at ActivCard/Actividentity, Jan built effective relationships with key partners such as IBM, Datacard & Hewlett Packard while at ActivCard/Actividentity. He was able to help ActivCard/Actividentity’s salesforce engage with partners on a day to day basis as needed on large global opportunities.” Richard Cookes, VP Asia Pacific & Japan, ActivIdentity

“Jan has a rare blend of technical knowledge and unique understanding on customers’ business problem. He is a result driven; highly organized professional and I had a great pleasure to work with Jan in developing OEM business relationship. He is a key asset for an organization. I strongly recommend Jan.” – Eric Vila, End User Devices Director, ActivIdentity


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